Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As’Salamu Alaikum.

Muhammad Qasim said, I am unfolding some of the shocking truths through my divine dreams. There is no doubt that all of these events will happen soon one after another. In many of my dreams I saw islam like three main powerful buildings. Which look just like castles. These castles are protecting Islam. Recently Allah well defined all 3 castles to me through the Divine dreams.

According to my true dreams. First castle is Turkey and the second castle is Saudi Arabia and the third is Pakistan. In all of my dreams. I’ve seen that two out of three castles were destroyed by non-believers. In one of my dreams on December 2015. Muhammad ﷺ mentioned to me that the last castle of islam is Pakistan. On December 4, 2014 Allah showed me. Two out of three castles were destroyed by the wicked Illuminati forces. And they faced not much resistance. Muslims were anxious when they saw the first castle get destroyed. But they failed to resist them. Muslims got shaken heavily when the second castle was destroyed. And they said that, it was a devastating loss to Islam. Then they move towards Pakistan the third and final castle of Islam.

I saw myself in the third and last castle of Islam. I saw that the three castles are located one after the other in a row. And two of them got attacked by the enemies with weapons. I was very intimidated and I wanted the make the people aware. But no one paid attention and they lost the two castles. Then I saw the enemy started to move towards the third and last castle of Islam. Muslims tried to run and hide themselves. And ran around with fear. I told them that whether you fight or hide you will be killed. Then I decided to fight and die while saving Islam. Allah helped the Muslims in the third castle of Islam with his powers.

And also by The Powerful Black Jet Fighters. With the help of Allah Muslims defended the third and last castle of Islam successfully. Then by the help of Allah Muslims from the east will spread the true Islam around the whole world. And the whole world was filled with peace and Justice until the appearance of the Dajjal. May Allah save all castles of islam. Please spread these true dreams do not live in darkness and perceive the meaning of these divine dreams. The game of these wicked enemies is soon going to end. Glad tidings to the true Muslims. If there are any left

Ghazwa E Hind War & Imam Mahdi (A.S)

Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim

As’Salamu Alaikum.

Muhammad Qasim said, I’ve seen this war many times in my true dreams. This war is imposed upon Pakistan and we defend our country and Islam. That was a great and worst war against Islam in the world. That wasn’t only the war of the survival of Pakistan. But the war for the survival of Islam. Because before this War 2 main powerful castles of Islam. Turkey and Saudi Arabia were destroyed. And since Pakistan was the last castle of Islam. Then it was very essential to defend Pakistan in order to save Islam. Before this war Allah conveyed the news of my dreams to the Army chief of Pakistan.

And Prophet Muhammad ﷺ also gave him the witness of my dreams. That Qasim is not lying to anyone regarding his dreams. And his dreams are true and they are from Allah. The Army and people of Pakistan took bold steps to save Islam and Pakistan. And then people who really love Pakistan started to run it. And we cleared Pakistan from all forms of disbelief. And such a system of justice was formed. That the rest of the world became surprised. And such a system of government was formed. That Pakistan started to progress and also started to prepare for the war. But with that destruction started to happen in Turkey and Middle East. New terrorist groups were formed in the Middle East.

When Pakistan started to progress then India tried to attack Pakistan. But Allah helped Pakistan with powerful black jet fighters. And India did not attack Pakistan after seen them. But on the other side India and its allies and terrorist groups also started to prepare for the war on Pakistan. we also attacked Kashmir and freed it to make our defense more stronger. And India Doesn’t dare to attack Pakistan alone due to the black jet fighters. After seeing these black Jets many Muslims from around the world come to Pakistan. And started to play their role in rebuilding Islam. Allah helped us from the unseen and Allah made us very intelligent. By his Mercy we make our own technology airplanes ships and we also become self-sufficient.

A while ago before this prophet Muhammad ﷺ called me to Madina through a dream. When I went to Mecca and Medina. Then I saw them abandoned and wild. And I saw unrest and darkness amongst the people. So I told them that be patient for a while Allah will fix everything with this help. When I came back the enemies were ready to attack Pakistan. And we we’re also ready to attack. According to my true dream Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Participated invisibly and secretly which was in the knowledge of the leading commanders. And then the worst war started. And then enemies of Pakistan were sure they would destroy Pakistan. But the planning of Allah was something else. And Allah helped Pakistan in this War. The Muslims did not kill any children or old people or unarmed men who wished to make peace. I don’t know how long this war went but Pakistan won this war with the help of Allah.

After this war was finished I came to know that in this war 80 creole people were killed. Then I became very sad and I said that why was this war ever imposed upon us. Then I said that we only defended ourselves and our enemies themselves wanted death. We helped all woman, kids, elderly and adopted them as family and they converted to Islam. Since we won this war with the help of Allah and the enemies got defeated. Then Muslims from the East came out with the help of Allah. Into the world and regain their territories. And there was no one to stop us and all forms of terrorism and oppression were demolished. We spread true Islam in the entire world. With the help of Allah. And the entire world got filled with peace. Islam got spread in the world once again. And everyone came to know that the real Islam of Muhammad ﷺ. Is full of Peace, there was mercy and Bounty of Allah everywhere. And there was Risq (provision) everywhere and no one remain sad or poor. And most of all Allah was happy with us and after a few years Dajjal appears.

DESCRIPTION Of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

Bismillah A-Rahman A-Rahim.

As’Salamu Alaikum.

Muhammad Qasim has met the Real Prophet of Allah ﷺ over 300 times. I cannot tell you how the face of Muhammad ﷺ looks like. Because when I get closer to him, my head lowers out of respect. And so does my gaze like we do in prayer. Another reason is his face is always emanating with light which makes it difficult to understand his facial features. The height of Muhammad ﷺ is about 5 feet and 11 inches. He has an extremely handsome body, he walks on the earth very nicely and smoothly. And covers his head with a cloth.

And white Nur (light) comes out of the body of Muhammad ﷺ. My whole body witnesses that this is the Prophet ﷺ of Allah. And when I greet him with a hand shake, my hands testified that this is hands of Rasululah ﷺ. And when I hug him, my body testifies that this is the warm body of Rasululah ﷺ. And I get these really happy and excited feelings. He talks very softly and politely. He shows the most deepest affections and has the most unexplainable love. As if he had just met his long-lost son. He makes Du’a (supplication) for his ummah (nation) and cries for them like no one ever has cried before. He would keep saying “my ummah…..us”!

He is deeply grieved over his ummah and he keeps making du’a for the astray. I cannot use words for such grief, if you knew you would not stop crying if you ever thought about it. One example is he would walk all around, back and forth just worried. And he would have so much hope, energy and enthusiasm when he would ever suggest anything to me. There was one instance in a dream, that I will share in another video. Where I looked into his eyes that were filled with tears at the time. And I was dazzled, and I could not look away. It was as if Allah had filled his eyes with his Nur.